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  • I am working on a website for an organization that has 10-15 youth sports teams that change a few times a year. The coaches who coach each time also change a few times a year.

    I wanted to attach Coach Information to the current Team that the coach is coaching so that when a visitor views the Team page it will show the current coach’s information.

    My thought was to have each Team be a custom post type so that admin could create new teams as they are formed. However, not sure of the approach for the Coaches.

    Can I make another custom post type for Coach, with the corresponding meta boxes for the Coaches information (i.e. phone, email etc.) – and then have maybe a drop down of Coaches on the Team custom post page?

    This way, if the Coaches information is ever edited, it would be reflected when viewing a Team page. Also, most times a Coach is assigned to more then 1 team so want to only update information in 1 place.

    Or is making the Coach a custom post type too much and is there another approach that I can take?

    Thanks for any advice or thoughts.

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  • My first thought is to make the coaches a USER. That way you can store all of the coaches info and you can use a plugin like advanced custom fields for profiles and make it however you want.

    I thought about that at first as well – but didn’t want to clutter up the USERS and thought there could be a better way to do it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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