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  • Hey everyone,

    I do some volunteer work for a non-profit i my community, and they’ve tasked me with the development of their website. Let me start by saying that I know nothing of web design, and I know even less of html and coding.

    I would like to set up their homepage so that as we generate new posts, they rotate on the homepage between several different columns.

    At the top of the page I would like there to be a large image with a brief description of the content and link to read the full story.

    Below that I would like for there to be three columns. At the top of each column there would be a picture and a snippet of the content with a link (like above).

    To me this sounds complicated, but I’m hoping it’s not. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    The site as it stands is The theme I’m currently using is called Clean Retina.

    Thanks again to anyone who can help solve my conundrum.

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  • I am by no means an expert here. In fact I post so many calls for help in the support forums, I feel like a nagging wife.

    But I may have a solution that could work for you: Column Shortcodes plugin.

    It adds a shortcode button to your edit pages. Here is an example of how it works with three columns. Hit the column button (should be to the right of the “add image” button) and select the “one third” option. It will give you this shortcode:


    Add your content between the opening and closing shortcode like this:

    [one_third]This is my first column[/one_third]

    For the center column you don’t need shortcode. For the third column, click the shortcode button again. This time select “one third (last)”. You will get this:


    Add your content between the shortcode open/close just like the first. In the end it should look like this:

    [one_third]This is my first column.[/one_third] This is my second column. [one_third_last]This is my third column.[/one_third_last]
    Hopefully this works for you.

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