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  • Greetings all! I hope your WP authoring is going well. Question: I am just starting, but have also done some work in Dreamweaver so I am somewhat familiar with web design concepts.

    One thing I don’t have down yet (which is pretty basic, I imagine) is the ability to remove text boxes, table cells or slices (I am not sure what you call them). But they are the table cells that are sized and text or images are dropped into them.

    Pls check out the layout. I inherited this job – I would have used a clean template and avoided trying to add a bunch of images along with text (created in Illustrator) next to each other.

    I want to ensure that I have the right size block and will drop in the changes my client wants so WP doesn’t have to increase or decrease the size (I hear that is particularly bad 4 clarity).

    So! I need to erase some of the blocks and create a larger one (or a # of smaller other ones – identical in size to my images).

    Do I do this in the html area? Are there protocols that should have been used in the first place to ensure that these images wouldn’t be so fuzzy?

    Any help wld be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much, Marty

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  • The “piggie-bank” theme is being used.

    Go to the Appearance >> Editor panel and click on the style.css to get familiar with the css.

    You can edit some of the features there.


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