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    Hey! Our Grand Opening for our newest location is next Monday, and I’m having trouble figuring out the BEST solution for a seamless in-store and online inventory mgt. Please help…

    Products we use for in-store & online transactions
    – Square iPad POS stand + terminal in-store
    – WooCommerce linked w/ Square online
    – Socket Mobile barcode scanner at checkout

    – What’s the best method/plugin for us to generate and assign new barcodes to each inventory item when adding new products in WooCommerce’s master stock which we synced with Square… so everything is gravy both online and scanned with Socket Mobile at the register?

    Thanks sooo much!

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  • Stef


    ATUM is probably one of the best inventory plugins out there, but then you are also using Square so you can run inventory from there and tell WooCommerce what you’d like to do there and how to do it.

    As for barcodes that’s not something you’d be displaying on the website per se, unless you absolutely have to by law I’m not aware of. If you don’t have barcodes you need to register with GS1 and create barcodes that way for all your products.

    I want to say you’re thinking of SKUs. If you are the best way to do this is to create any number sequence you want. However, it’s best to do this by dept and seasons if you do in-house inventory quarterly or annually.

    For instance

    – Bath would be 100 and a product in that dept would be 100SOP04

    100 for the dept
    SOP for Soap
    04 for Winter or 4th quarter.

    Hope that helps. You can makeup whatever you’d like when it comes to SKUs as long as they are your products and not a global vendor who may request their SKUs remain as well.

    Now if you’re looking for local barcodes that is something you can do with a few online companies for local in-house barcodes to scan with your Square device gun.

    Barcodes aren’t really utilized on websites and I have never seen any in my 20 years.

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    • This reply was modified 9 months, 3 weeks ago by Stef.
    Plugin Support Igor H woo-hc


    Hi there,

    Depending on your needs, if you want barcodes, you could consider using this Barcode Generator plugin:

    Hope this provides clarity.

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    Thanks for your replies, we def don’t need barcodes online, but want a streamlined way to create a product barcode at the same time I upload new items to WooCommerce, simultaneously, and for everything to ‘communicate’ with Square so when someone buys it in the store, the stock amount available for online customers is also updated by -1 in real-time.

    I’m certain what I’m asking for is the exact process done by millions of shops… I just want to make sure I’m implementing correctly / best from the start!!


    To add barcode labels to your physical product, you may want to try this plugin:



    Just stick with Square make sure the two locations are synced properly between the site and you’ll be fine.

    Plugin Support Juan G. woo-hc


    Hi @wurdpressuzer!

    You have a good set for your in-store & online transactions. It will work just fine.

    If you would like to include the creation of barcodes whenever you add a new product to your WooCommerce store, I suggest using the Product Barcode Generator plugin.

    With that plugin, once you create a product, it creates a barcode on the ‘edit product’ page. This way, you can use it in-store as well.

    You can check more about it here:

    If you have any pre-sales questions about that plugin, please create a ticket here:

    I hope this helps!

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    I’m not sure how to quote and reply to specific posts, so please see below:

    @serafinnyc — Thanks, that may be the direction we go! After meeting with another small business owner today, she made it seem as though using Square as our master inventory management (adding new products) system alone would be enough, rather than worrying about adding new products to WooCommerce through the WordPress Dashboard. I learned the Square “add new item” process for a few hours and I like the flow overall, especially how it creates barcodes (SKUs) automatically, without the need for any additional plugins like WooCommerce would need it seems. **The one thing I’m NOT sure about is if I’m missing out on any functionality or syncing hassels with our WordPress WooCommerce site by using Square exclusively as our one-and-only inventory adding home base (forgoing the adding new inventory to WooCommerce altogether)?

    @judagutor — Really appreciate your reply! It seems the Product Barcode Generator is the best bet (and one of the only options) for creating in-store scannable barcodes to be used with our Socket Mobile Bluetooth scanner. **Here’s my question though: Would it make sense and overall serve our online and in-store based business best to simply choose one upload/inputting resource for all our inventory to sync for both in-store sales and online sales? If so I’d like to stick with just one place to add new products and master that system… would Square be appropriate for that goal, and can you think of any limitations, future issues, roadblocks, or annoyances that might arise from using Square to add every new inventory item and having it sync to WooCommerce automatically?

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    UPDATE: After doing more research, unfortunately, it’s clear that the huge limitations of using Square as a master inventory system won’t be realistic due to massive feature restrictions.

    There’s a great article at explaining how you can only use one variable, you can’t track order data, you can’t bundle products, there’s no dynamic pricing (BOGO, etc.), you can only sync with 1 location etc. Just one of these limitations is enough to use WooCommerce as our master inventory management solution. I’m surprised anyone uses Square successfully to operate an online store.



    First, that article is almost 4 years old. So I wouldn’t go by everything you read on the web. Especially something that old when tech is changing faster than I can write this response.

    Second, you’re able to add multiple locations into Square and run your inventory as I stated initially between locations and your online store. As for the online store that is just another channel in a handful of channels you can add to Square. Think TikTok, Facebook, etc.

    As that question ultimately isn’t a WooCommerce matter, I would do yourself a favor and chat in with Square Support. They are fantastic at answering your questions. Chat with someone live right now. Click Me

    If you’re not taking to the bottom of the page scroll down and click Chat.

    As for barcodes, understand that what my colleagues have given you is not global. Only GS1 is global and you can only use those barcodes in-house. Your data would have to live somewhere like GS1 in order for it to render properly and be read.

    But for in-house, those plugins will help integrate the data onto a barcode. Also, don’t confuse the term Barcode with SKU. Two different things. A barcode is typically an identifier or in this case a UPC code. Where as a SKU is an in-house identifier and the two should never be the same. They should be different. Especially for brands/companies that deal in seasons.

    Best of luck to you in your business! Congrats.

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    @serafinnyc oddly enough that article from 4 years ago was referenced in several youtube and blog articles. So if all of the issues I listed aren’t persistent and have been patched or resolved over the last 4 years, I’d like to take another look at using Square… although the reviews of the Square + WooCommerce integration are the worst I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I’ve submitted 4 Square support requests over the last 3 years, and every one of them ended up being a lengthy tug of war to get a response, but with millions of merchants maybe I was just an anomaly that didn’t receive good service. Plus, their “live chat” is nothing more than a google bot that provides surface answers based on keyword queries.

    It’s discouraging to see the 1.5-star rating of Square for WooCommerce reviews on WordPress (I’ve never seen such angry, horrible, and borderline apocalyptic reviews of any app, plugin, or product ever)

    We’ve transacted over $2mm over the last 10 years of business between our locations, but (and don’t wag your finger at us lol!) this will be the first location we’re opening a store and doing things proper with online sales and data tracking to identify trends and better business operational investments.

    At this point, the one-and-only thing I’m wondering about and need is to know whether I should use Square as our master inventory Homebase to upload our 100’s of new products to prior to the grand opening in a few days, or if WooCommerce would be best? I know some of this is subjective and user-preference, but I don’t want to switch horses next month or year so I’d rather start off with a robust solution that can handle our in-store and online sales streams.

    @juan any thoughts? I’m in the warehouse today and wanted to get started, I’m sitting behind 9 pallets of inventory I have to input, thanks!



    I think you should look at stocky, sellbrite and there was one other I just can’t remember. Both are really good. The latter integrates with WooCommerce, stocky is Shopify only still I think.

    We used to use stocky for our 6 locations and our online store.

    Enjoy 🤙🏼

    Plugin Support Juan G. woo-hc


    @wurdpressuzer If you ask me, I could only talk about what I know, and I would choose WooCommerce. Why? Because it has multiple integrations, extensions, and plugins (free or paid) to achieve what you want, and if not, since it is open-source, you can customize it through coding and make it work.

    Visit the WooCommerce Customizations Page to learn more.

    For your inventory, you could try the ATUM as @serafinnyc suggested and see how it goes from there. Also, Sellbrite is a pretty good option.

    To use WooCommerce in-store, you could use one of many Point of Sale plugins there are to integrate online and in-stores options:

    The possibilities are endless!

    I hope this helps.

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    I really appreciate your help, @juan and @stef. I wasn’t clear on our business set-up we have to follow…

    1) We have to use Square for payment processing in-store (online we can go crazy w/ Sezzle etc. later on)
    2) We have to use WooCommerce for online sales (already developed)

    If we use Square as the master inventory hub it’s easy-peasy, but hugely limits customization. *Choosing WooCommerce to upload our items to today, we only need 2 ultra-basic objectives:

    (A) Each item to have a barcode to scan with our Socket Mobile device at the counter DURING the inputting of the item to avoid extra steps
    (B) Each item’s stock inventory synced between Woo + Square in real-time

    That’s it! What’s the easiest way with minimum plugins (if any) to make A+B happen as simple & straightforward as possible, please?


    I found a article that could help you in this case:

    Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hi @wurdpressuzer,

    We’ve not seen any activity on this thread for a while, so I’m marking this thread as resolved.

    Hopefully, the above information was helpful but I can also recommend the following channels where other users might have come across a similar requirement.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to open a new topic.

    Happy 2022!

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