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  1. fredriley
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I've been struggling with WP as a CMS for some months now, primarily with getting navigation menus as I want them. I'm trying to move a site I manage (EUROCALL) to WP, and to replicate and expand its navigation interface. This is proving to be a major headache and I've still not figured out how to do this without delving into code and getting lost in the WP API and hooks and whatnot. (I just don't have the time to do this.)

    My main queries to you all are:

    1. is there a good guide to creating and managing navigation systems in WP?
    2. can the default WP menu be wrangled into appearing as you want without going deeply into PHP code?

    I've read the basic WP User Guide but need to go a lot further. I've googled like crazy but without useful result. I know about Custom Menus which are handy but they don't appear to do the job.

    In particular, I need a nav system to:

    • display a different submenu when displaying a top-level page
    • to indicate in that submenu which page the user's on
    • to insert pages automatically in the correct place in the hierarchy when they're added
    • to cater for at least 3 levels

    So, for instance, I've got the hierarchy:

    - water
    -- rats
    -- beavers
    - land
    -- hamster
    -- guinea pig

    A colleague adds a page "gerbil", sets 'land' as the parent, and it then appears in the correct place. The default WP menu does this but I cannot figure out how to wrangle it into submission without going deeply into code.

    I drew a blank with a query from a few days back, on creating vertical menus, perhaps because it was too niche, so this is an attempt to get my head around creating a menu system.

    I'm aware of the Vertical Megamenu and Accordion widgets and will be evaluating them shortly. I'm using a child theme of Woothemes Canvas to build the site without PHP coding and API knowledge.

    I'd be grateful for pointers from the WP community. I think, after months of 'internalising the paradigm', that I've got my head mostly around WP and that a light bulb moment is within reach, but I'm still floundering :(


  2. fredriley
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I've just come across the Hierarchical Pages widget, which might be a help, and which I'll evaluate. I mention this to save others from mentioning it :)

  3. fredriley
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hmm. Either I've been sent to Coventry or there are no answers to questions about hierarchical and vertically-aligned menus or the answer is an obvious RTFM/RTFFAQ. Ok, trying from another angle, can anyone point me to sites with menus as I'm trying to implement? At least then I'll know that it can be done and I can approach the site admins to ask them for howtos.

    I've spent many tens of hours on the menus problem, after having chosen WP as a CMS based on testimonials, experience and the GSOH. It's hard to believe that something so simple to implement in HTML and CSS should be so difficult to implement in WP. It looks like I'll have to compromise my design for WP, which is frustrating. Maybe I should have spent a few more tens learning the intricate details of the WP API and its hooks then coding the nav from scratch :(


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