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  • hobblinharry


    Before I started using WordPress, my website had it’s own posting script which I created myself. I never set up an RSS feed when I began my website though. Is there anyway I can implement RSS, which will then catalogue all of my old entries. That way I can save the RSS file and import it into WordPress. If this is possible, I have no idea where to begin (I am new to RSS) so any help or links to help would be appreciated!

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  • manstraw


    You’re asking how you can implement rss on a non-wordpress site? I don’t think you’ll find much advice for that here amoungst the wordpress gurus.



    Well yeah, but I want to implement the RSS on the non WordPress site, so I can then import into my WordPress site.

    Nicki Faulk


    Is the non-WP site database driven? (in other words, does it require use of mySQL or something similar?) If not, then you may be better off importing everything by hand.

    Trust me, going from a non-database site to WordPress isn’t fun, but you’ll be less frustrated doing it yourself. (or that was my experience)

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)


    Doing this really depends on how you have the data from your old site stored. If you can pull out the posts and titles and such using scripts or code, then you can probably reformat it into an XML file using the RSS format. Enough to be able to import it into WordPress anyway.

    I’d suggest looking at the RSS specification:

    And also looking at the content of some RSS feeds. It’s an exceedingly simple format, so if you can write code to pull out your existing data, then writing it to an XML file in the RSS format would be relatively little trouble.



    Yeah my old site is mysql database driven, with the title, the article, date, and user all stored in separate rows. I’ll look into that site.

    The current version of the RSS 2.0 specification is here:

    I wrote a tutorial a few years ago on how to take MySQL records and publish them as an RSS 2.0 feed using PHP. That’s one way to get the data out as a feed:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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