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  • I’m working on a website for a small business. They want their customers to be able to place orders on line. The company has about 14 items. The columns I would need would look like this:

    Customer Name

    QTY Description

    SUBMIT button

    The customer would fill out the first four fields, then enters a quantity in front of the description of the items they want.

    No calculating totals, no credit card orders, nothing. The form would conclude with a SUBMIT button, and when the customer hits it, the form would go via email to the business. The business then calls the customer to confirm the quantities and order.

    I’m really struggling here to find a SIMPLE plug in that will do this. I’ve tried the Contact Form, the truthmedia form builder – but I can’t seem to get a grip on how to place a QTY field in front of the ITEM Description….

    any suggestions? My customer will be here shortly and I’m running out of time. Thanks so much for any advice.

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  • Hi

    Contact Form 7 will do the trick. The secret to what you want is the quantity is actually another field, separate from the description, that sits next to it. In the Contact Form 7 setup screen, put the two fields side by side and remove any <br /> tags that are added “next lines” where you don’t want them.

    <p>Qty [text your-qty] Description [text your-descrip]</p>

    will give it a try. thanks so much!

    I’ve completed these steps, now I want to know how to approach multiple items.

    Is there a way in contact forms 7 to have an ‘Add Line’ button and so it creates another Qty & Description line. The purpose of not having multiples created is I dont know how many products a customer will want.

    If someone knows how to do the above thanks for sharing or I’m willing to listen to alternate solutions.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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