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  • shadiadi


    Hi small bug I have just bee`n alerted to is that the plugin is creating an extra empty <h1 heading on the pages. It is keeping the orignal main <h1 heading but adding this one also.

    `<header class=”amp-wp-article-header ampforwp-title”>
    <h1 class=”amp-wp-title”>

    Just letting you know as I am sure it is not good.

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  • Khaled


    Hey @shadiadi

    Interesting and thanx for pointing it out, can you please provide us a link where it has happened 🙂


    Hi sorry I have been away for a few days.

    I have noticed this there are two h1 headings on the Front Page here.
    Financial Calculators
    The second H1 tags is empty.

    On all the other pages I noticed there are also two h1 tags on each page the first showing the site name which makes the H1 repetitive throughout the site.
    An example can be seen here.
    Mortgage Calculators

    Having two H1 tags on a page can not be good the first one should just be a div and not the site name.

    Thanks guys for a great plugin just a few bugs that need fixing.

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    Plugin Contributor ampforwp


    Hey @shadiadi,

    We are so sorry for getting back to you so lately.

    Can you tell us the status of your problem?? Are you still facing this issue with the newest version??


    Hi yes I am still getting

    <header class="amp-wp-article-header ampforwp-title">
    	<h1 class="amp-wp-title">

    On the front page

    Plugin Contributor ampforwp


    Hi @shadiadi,

    We are so sorry for this inconvenience.

    Now we completely understand your issue.
    It will be resolved in our next update which we are going to release within 48 hours.

    Thank you very much for your support.


    Thank you Marqas,

    I shall let you know if it worked when I see the update.



    Hi since the latest update there is no empty h1 heading on the front-page but now there is another issue. There is No h1 heading on the page the initial header is now being wrapped in an h3 heading.

    Please see Learn How To Work At Home



    In fact on all pages the website name is wrapped in an h3 tag this surely should be wrapped in a div not an h3 tag. Which means on the front page the initial h1 heading is actually missing completely. If you check all the other pages the h1 headings are correct



Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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