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  • Hello-
    I have a client that wants to sell his online training, which is really just a series of questionnaires/forms that they fill out and email to him. Essentially, this is how it will work:
    1) A client visits the site
    2) They choose a questionnaire
    3) They pay a fee to access it
    4) They fill out the questionnaire
    5) The data gets submitted either to him or to a database

    I am struggling with the best way to create this… I am not sure if there is a plug-in (or set of plug-ins) that I can use. Maybe even a theme of some sort! Yet, I have not found anything promising beyond

    Another option would be to use some kind of ecommerce plug-in (such as “wordpress-estore-plugin”) and sell them as digital goods.

    Regardless, any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Again, any help would be appreciated. After thinking further, I could:
    1) Build the theme I want
    2) Install the eStore ecommerce plug-in
    3) Sell the questionnaire as a digital good
    4) Have a link to the form sent to the email address of the purchaser
    5) Have that link auto-expire after a certain set of days (to avoid link passing/theft)

    Anyone have a better implementation idea?

    If not, any idea how to achieve the implementation of forms with links that either auto-expire or forms that can only be used once?

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