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  • Hi everyone,

    I ran a WP blog for two years. I don’t know too much about WP but I got by without getting too deeply involved in all the coding etc. I generally work with WYSIGYG because code scares me!

    Now, my blog is set to take a bit of a turn in direction so what I want is to draw a line in the sand and start a new blog. But all my entries from the last two years, I’d like in a directory. (Ie. I don’t want my old posts in any new design I choose, I’d like them as they are now, in the old style as very much a ‘This is us, previously’ sort of way.)

    What would be the best way to go to achieve this? Would it be to move my current installation (which has quite a few plugins) to the /archive directory and then have a clean install of WP in the root? Or could WP MU come into play here? I’ve never used it so wouldn’t quite know where to start.

    Any help or advice on where to go next would be appreciated on this one. I’d like to get my blog up and running again as soon as possible since it had stagnated for a few months now.

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