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  1. AnBja
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    I want to add a "guide" - a list that shows A, B, C etc depending on what you click on, and under each letter I want a list of letter "A" companies, with their logotype, company name, contact information, website, a short description text, more links and so on. Preferably I would like to be able to add tags to each entry company - so that when a visitor is looking for a certain service - they simply click on their preferences (available "above" the listing from A-Z) and get a shorter list of companies to choose from.

    For instance:

    Company Alright
    Contact: +45 66 55 44 33

    Alright is a company that offers its customers excellent service within the XX area.

    Customer references: http://www.reference2.com, http://www.reference2.com

    (Not shown)
    Tags: Service excellence, CRM, England, China

    Do you know if it exists in the WordPress world?


  2. AnBja
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    I have found that I will probably will be able to use Custom Post Types UI and Custom Field Template - BUT - HOW do I get the posts to show up on the website?!

    I need them to be listed from A-Z, when clicking on a company name link a post should come up telling more about the company.

    Also - I need the possibility to search from the added custom template content in for instance the sidebar.

    With content such as this:

    With a list like this:

    I'd love to have a code for this! And the telling where to put it :-).

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