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  • I have been using Rapidweaver for the Mac for a few months now. I decided that I needed a solution so that I could create a web site and edit it from anywhere in the world platform independent. When I went to the Rapidweaver forums, I was told by a couple of RW users who now use WordPress, to use WordPress to create my new web site.

    I am not interested in creating blogs, just a web site. Based on my current web site, I was told that I should not have a problem doing something similar in WordPress. I tried Joomla and Drupal but found them pretty complicated.

    I am hoping that there a re people on this forum who can help me along my new journey.

    You can take a look at my current web site here:

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  • Even though WordPress is a blogging platform, it doesn’t really have to be used as a blog. Not sure how up to date this is but take a look at this list:

    Wow, you’ve got some flashy website (that seems to use a hell of a lot of memory). It is not impossible to make that with WP, but it’s not going to be easy either. You’re going to need a “theme” that fits your needs and several “plugins” to make the way you navigate. I suggest you ‘Google’ a bit for “WordPress as CMS” to found out about the ‘non-blog possibilities’ of WP.

    There is a lot of flash on my site because I need to find a way displaying my Radio snippets from over the years. I also have some PDF files on my site as well that are actually my Radio playlists. Now I am not after making WordPress look exactly like my current web site. If I have to redo the look and feel of my current web site in WordPress, so be it.

    I just want to have a way of updating my site from anywhere and posting my Radio interviews, PDF playlists, and my Radio archives and current shows which are all MP3 files. All of this content lives on my hosting server. The code I use for these pages are basically links to the files on the hosting server.

    For example, the code behind the A-B tab of the In Transition Archives page looks like this:

    <embed src=""width="375"height="475"allowscriptaccess="always"allowfullscreen="true"
    flashvars="height=475&width=375&file= 9F9F9F&displaywidth=0&showstop=true"/>

    Very simple. I am using a Rapidweaver plugin to display the Flash and letters that run across the top. Same goes for the Radio tab. I use the same plugin and the Playlists and Shows section are HTML and CSS that were used to create this.

    I am hoping that I can just paste the code into WordPress and it should work OK?

    I hear that you’re much more of a coder than myself. My guess is that you can’t just paste that in WP, but there are possibilities to do so. Did you already download the WP pack and see if you can find your way through the coding? Or just make a test install in a subfolder and fool around a little.

    I did paste it into WP but when I go to view the page, it never displays the content properly. I know I may sound kinda vague but all I get is a spinning wheel as if it is having trouble connecting to the playlist. Works fine outside of WP, that’s why I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

    Pasting a youtube video works great.

    Sorry for not having a specific answer here, but a more general tip is that when you are a coder: let WordPress do most of the work, but do some stuff manually.

    There is so much you can do by for example
    Creating Your Own Page Templates
    and then write whatever html you want on that page.

    Good luck anyways!

    Rather than go through what I did on my current web site, I have decided to start over again by using WordPress. So, here is how things stand at the moment. On my hosting server are all of my files (PDF, MP3). I need help in finding out how I can display them in WP. Regarding my MP3 files, I have several XSPF files which contain a playlist of my MP3 files.

    I have broken them down alphabetically. So all the artists that start with the letter A are in a file called a.xspf, same goes for the other letters of the alphabet. All I need to do is have an MP3 player reference these files. In my current web site this is what I have done using the code mentioned above. In case you are wondering where this code comes from, here is the web site where I got it from (

    I hope you can understand what I am describing here.

    Closing this…continue discussion here:

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