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  • This is basiclly a static homepage that i need. I would like it if a catagory is not selected then have it default to a static post/pic/ whatever. I want the catagories to remain seperate, and not all appear together on the home page or any page for that matter. I really dont want to move any directories or change urls to create a static home page. And i dont want to have to change all the links i have created that point to the wordpress directory. I would prefer to just alter the php code to have this condition within it.

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  • Save you index.php in the theme folder as home.php and edit out/delete whatever you don’t want, put in what you want to see there. Upload it and you are done.

    Thanks for the reply. I suppose i am missing something though, since i dont see any file called home.php. Just for kicks i created one and placed it in the same directory as the index.php to see how they interact.(my/WordPress/) The home file was ignored when i navigated to that directory in my browser. So then I altered the index.php file using the code form here:

    “Examples: Typical Page”

    that worked except it would always display the static page no matter what catagory was selected. How can i get it to look at my file by default when the browser goes to that directory and not show any posts unless a link points to the index.php? If i cant do that is there somewhere i can tell word press in its own code, to just default to a picture unless a catagory is selected? I really dont want to change my home page by adding a file name to the url. Sorry, you might have to talk slowly to me.

    I should add that i have …/WordPress/ is my homepage. I cannot go any deeper into the root on the server. This is a shared server, so this is where my homepage is. I dont want to add another directory to point to as a home page inside this directory since i just set up a redirect that points to …/WordPress.

    Thanks again, cauz i am lost with this.

    I think i found the solution on that page I just mentioned under the header ” If WordPress is in Root”.

    Thanks for your help, though.

    Quoting myself:)
    Save you index.php in the theme folder as home.php
    and edit.
    Unless you edit it you don’t see any difference, but yes, WP knows better – it will show home.php when you go to your WordPress directory. see Template_Hierarchy



    If you cripple the home.php file that way, your blog is gone. Or you’ll have to write awkward conditionals to let your blog pages show.

    This technique is way complicated. I devised a new two-step one.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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