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  • I am having trouble doing something that seems like it should be so simple. I want a few header categories at the top of the page like about us then “topic 1″, topic 2” where topic 1 and 2 titles would disply a list of relevant articles. It seemed simple that if i input the url for the category it would link it but this doesnt seem to work. I used Blogger before and simply did this buy inserting the link label..but cant seem to do that here. where am i going wrong?

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    • Go to the Dashboard > appearance > menu.
    • Create a new menu (you may name it anything). Then select the pages and the categories you want to include in the menu and click “add to menu” button.
    • The items selected (pages and categories) would be added to the new menu.
    • Click the save menu button to save the menu you just created
    • In the theme locations box choose the new menu you just created (in the droplist) and click save. Please take note that if the theme supports more menus there might be an option of choosing which menu you want to edit (for example primary, secondary or footer).
    • Refresh your website. The contents of the new menu should be there in the menu you just added.

    Hope this does it for you.

    Best of luck!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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