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  • This is my first question in the forums, so if I’m breaking any rules, please be gentle and I’ll do better…

    I’m trying to find any direction at all on how to go about re-creating a top bar for my website (nearly) just like the wp-admin top bar.

    By “(nearly) just like” I mean:

    • sits and stays at the top (I’ve tried working with WP-TopBar but couldn’t get it to run code)
    • i want it to always be there whether a visitor is logged in or not
    • i want the login/logout to work like the admin bar with the username and icon and then the drop down to edit profile and to log out
    • i want the slide out search box

    I’ve just begun using WP and for most everything I can at least find a trail to follow but this one has been constant dead-ends.


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