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  • Hi guys, I’ll try and be as concise as I can here , I’ve run into a problem.

    I’m moving my blog from one server to another. I decided that I will take this opportunity to spruce up the site a bit and make some changes so I want to get the site running on a direct access temporary domain name first before I flick the switch on the name servers so that I can see how the new version is looking before it’s live.

    Here is what I have done so far:

    • I moved the site files no problem
    • I found the temporary address http://server IP address/username/
    • I created a new database on the new server
    • I then modified the wp_config file to reflect the name of the new database and the username and password
    • I then opened the wp_option table in PHP MyAdmin and edited the “site URL” and “home” lines to reflect the temporary address of http://server IP address/username/ instead of them just saying http://blogURL
    • I noticed that when I copied the site files over to the new server , the .htaccess file did not make the move with it so I copied that over to the new server and made sure that it was writable.

    Having done all of this the site loads up on the front page, but none of the links work to any of the posts. If you click them it just 404s.

    I logged in and tried to create a new post to make sure that it’s accessing the database correctly. Indeed it is, the post was created and appeared on the front page, but again when I click it , it doesn’t work.

    Have I misses something somewhere in the wp_options editing process ? Is there another file line in the table that needs editing to reflect the temporary address ?

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  • It sounds like you took good, sensible steps.

    Did you examine the .htaccess, or just copy it in whole cloth? There may be stuff in there that’s specific to the old host/site. If it’s long and involved, here’s a possible plan.

    Go into old WP and make a note of the Permalink settings.
    Rename .htaccess on the new host.
    Log into new WP and enter the Permalink settings that you found above. That could generate a new .htacess that will give good links.


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