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  • Are you looking for a tabbed sidebar for your site?

    Have you tried the plugins or existing script and found them too much, well this might be just for you.

    I’ve created a brief run down on how to create a simple tabbed bar.

    I wouldn’t say it’s for the newbies, because the article doesn’t explain everything in depth, it does assume some level of code experience.

    The code is free, it’s small and it does what it needs to.

    You can see it at work on the link.

    Thought i’d share something with everyone…. and i’d be interested to hear comments or suggestions.

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  • very cool and so easy to do

    Well i couldn’t find one that suited what i wanted. Didn’t take long to do, and the result is as intended, so figured i’d share back what i found..

    If anyone is able to use it, then it was worth posting… 🙂

    If anyone is able to use it, then it was worth posting… 🙂

    great attitude
    also, your support answers have been rock solid – thanks for that, also

    I like the WordPress community, it’s certainly a mixed bunch, i like giving back when i can……

    Support answers, no problem, i don’t mind helping where i can….. to a degree… 😉

    Thanx for the kind words…

    Help. I love the side bar menu idea but cannot get mine tweeked correctly. Can anyone help?


    If this is not related to the tabbed sidebar, please create a new thread.

    Else if this is related to the script mentioned above, ask away…

    I ask as i cannot see the the Javascript included on your page…

    Hi t31os I visited the link but didn’t see the tabs in the right sidebar. Is it now at the top of the page?

    Sorry starapple i’ve since made some changes to the site…

    The sidebar no longer exists on my site…

    If you need some help implementing the code, just post what you’ve got and explain the problem, with as much detail as possible, and i’ll try to help… 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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