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  • I am currently creating an index.php (

    I would like to be able to pull the information such as the latest post, latest comments, comment counts, ect…
    and post them on the front page of my website (index.php)

    Using dreamweaver as an GUI/editor, I have created the database connection to my wordpress sql database and I am able to successfully make queries.

    However when searching the forums for assistance I have come to the conclusion that I need to make a wp loop. I have not grasped the concept and utilization of the wordpress loop as of yet.

    So for example, my wordpress currently has 2 active posting categories (personal & events) How do I create these 2 seperate loops for each in order to post the latest posting from whichever onto my (index.php)

    What do I do to create a “loop” to fit my needs?

    I hate feeling as if im asking a question I know has likely been answered a thousand times over, but I simply can not find the answer to fit my specific needs.

    A sample page is currently uploaded @

    The content which loads below the “BLOGSTATS” section is all basic html/text. The “BLOGSTATS” however are actually working queries which I have pulled from my WP SQL database


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