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  • Henry Stock


    Is there a way to get just a standard bulleted /unordered list using short codes? I am working with a Theme that has overridden the standard html for lists such that
    ◾Item 1
    ◾Item 2
    ◾Item 3

    Comes out with no bullets at all. This is what is in the style.css file:
    ul.unordered.type-1 li {list-style: disc inside;}
    ul.unordered.type-2 li {list-style: circle inside;}
    ul.unordered.type-3 li {list-style: square inside;}
    and this is sample usage:
    Sample of usage for what I believe should be a standard disk bullet:

    [list style=”unordered” type=”type-1″]
    list item 1
    list item 2
    list item 3
    Only this does not work. So that is why I am trying ‘ShortCodes Ultimate.” Because I want and need to use these types of lists all throughout my site. The fancy lists using icons is not necessary and I want to inherit font and color attributes from the main text.
    I am hoping that someone can guide me through setting this up. Here is the site URL:

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  • Henry Stock


    I guess that I should have surrounded my code with code tags. I did not. There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit my original post.

    I also posted this question in plugins and hacks.

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