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  • What do I need to do/install to build the type of blog I’m starting?

    Submissions: Users would be able to submit to the site without reregistering, per se. One would be asked to supply a user name and a valid e-mail address which would create a user account. Subsequent submissions by the same user would require the same user name/e-mail address combination. Submissions would also require e-mail verification before it is forwarded to me for review.

    Comments: Commenting would work the same as submissions except only the first comment would need to be verified to confirm that the e-mail address was valid. Comments would all need to be approved by myself before being posted.

    Cookies: Users would be able to select the ability to stay logged in so one’s user name and e-mail address would automatically be entered during subsequent visits.

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  • It sounds like you want a login and submission engine apart from wordpress, which while possible, would require far more effort then trying to use what wordpress already offers.

    It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but, since WordPress already has roles setup for your blog’s users I would do this.

    People register once using the WordPress register page, which sets them up as a “subscriber”. No submission privileges.

    If they want to contribute to your blog you can make a simple form using any of the many wordpress contact form plugins. The form would basically ask for their username on your blog (or grab it automatically from their session details) and asks them to agree to your terms of submitting content.

    You would get this email and, pending your approval, login to wordpress and update their role from “subscriber” to “contributor”.

    They can now write content for you blog when logged into your blog, but it has to be approved by you to appear on the site.

    Hope that helps.

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