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    I am interested in identifying a WordPress plugin which allows me to make a single page within my WordPress site an Intranet page. This page should allow access only to persons with a pre-specified type of email address. My site as a whole already requires users to login for initial access but anyone should be able to login in this way. Once logged in to the site as a whole, they should require to provide a student email address (not necessarily the email address they used to login to the site) to access the private content on the single Intranet page. Could you please advise me on any plugins that offer this specific functionality. I am aware that there are plugins designed to present an entire site as an Intranet site, but this is not the particular type of functionality I am looking for.

    Thanks in advance

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    Thuis plugin doesn’t have the functionality you ask for, but it has similar possibilities

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    Thanks for this kind suggestion. I have installed the plugin and explored how it works. One main drawback is that I appear to require to know in advance the full email address of each individual that I would wish to be able in principle to access my Intranet page(s) and then require them to register separately for access to these page(s). What I am looking for is functionality that will allow individuals to have access dependent on their ownership of a particular type of email address, without the requirement to register. (Users of my site already have to login to the site as a whole. Adding an extra step of joining a group requiring a new password just to get to at most a few pages is likely to be unpopular.

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