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    I’m in the process of building my Web site, and I’d like to create a sign-up page … what I’d like the sign-up page to do is to be a place where people can sign-up to receive newsletters and announcements from me (so, giving name and email address) … and, then they could download a free PDF … so, it is likely I’ll need an autoresponder that can send out the PDF and the mailings … or is it possible to create a protected page on my site for people to access and then pick up the PDF?

    So … any thoughts? Any recommendations of a mailing list/autoresponder that is inexpensive (or better yet, free!)? And, what to do with the download?

    I’m not sure what to do to set this up. I’m fairly new to this process, so I’d really appreciate guidance on the next steps — as specific as you can be, like I said, I’m learning (slowly :-)) … my WordPress for Dummies book didn’t help much with this question …

    Thanks so much!

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  • bradleysue


    Hi Sarah
    I’ve gone through exactly the same learning curve myself so I’d like to try and help.

    For an autoresponder, I use Aweber, and it’s very powerful, and also easy to learn to use. It’s around $45 for 3 months You could also try mail chimp (which I believe is free).

    What you do is create a ‘thank-you page’ on your website. There are no links to it from anywhere in your site – people land here after they go through the sign-up process (the autoresponder will ask you to specify a thank-you page). The page basicallys says ‘Thanks for signing up. Here’s a link to the pdf I promised’. Then when they click on the link, the pdf opens and they can save it on their computer. You upload and store the pdf file with your other program files on your web host site.

    You can protect this page from google in various ways. Here is a link where google explains how to do this (for WordPress, I use the robots.txt file method – don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds):

    This method is very simple but obviously not foolproof – for example, if someone knows the url of your thank-you page, they can go there directly and get the pdf without signing up. They could also give the link to others. But I’ve found that it works well for my purposes. If you want to see it in action on a simple site, check out Sorry, but my wordpress site with autoresponder is under construction.

    Hope this helps!

    Shane G



    Check with this custom login page:


    Shane G.

    Sarah Tieck


    Thanks Shane and Sue!

    Sue, I’d thought about aWeber, but just starting out, was having trouble justifying the price … did some more googling, though … and I decided to try out iContact. It seems to be highly recommended (for some of the same reasons as aWeber), but about half the price — I’m really excited to get started with this.

    Shane — will a login serve the same purpose? I’m looking to have people sign up for a mailing list, and then get taken to page like Sue is talking about … perhaps this is something you can tweak for that purpose!

    It is nice to find so many people willing to answer questions and be supportive – helps with that learning curve!

    Best, Sarah

    Sarah Tieck


    Okay, Sue … ended up trying aWeber. So far, I’m loving it! I think iContact would be a better fit for me if I was more experienced. AWeber was super easy and guided me right through those first steps. Huge time saver, which is valuable!!



    Great – I’m glad you found something that works for you!

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