Creating a set of post related actions for logged in readers, with a user record (1 post)

  1. aproimage
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Judging by my profile it looks like I've not been around these parts much lately so I hope you're all well...

    I've just stumbled across a requirement on a new site that I'm putting together and after having no luck on the search engines I am looking for some help or advice.

    Basically I would like to add a series of options at the end of certain posts on my blog, available only to signed in members. These options may include things like 'add to watchlist' and 'apply', and if a user follows either of these options their action should then be recorded somewhere in their back end login, so that they can view a record of their activities.

    This could take the form of a 'my history' section, for example, showing posts in their watchlist and posts for which they have submitted an application form.

    If anybody has had experience doing anything similar, or knows of any plugins that do this, any help and advice would be much appreciated.

    Regards, Rob

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