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  • My client’s web site has posts that are usually in more than one category (for instance, a post may be in three categories like Apartment, Downtown, Non-smoking). On the front page of the web site, we have a “Apartments,” “Downtown,” etc. lists of the latest posts in each of several important listings on the site.

    I’d like to make sure that any given post is listed only once on the front page of the web site, whether or not it’s in multiple categories whose latest posts appear in one of the category lists on the front page.

    I’m using “Hikari Category Permalink” to be able to change the “default” or “permalink” category for a given post.

    Can I somehow query posts to get a list not of all posts in a category, but rather of only the posts that are permalinked for a particular category? Or otherwise designate a “primary” category for my posts, and only show the posts that are “primarily” in a category?

    Link to the site:

    Thanks for advice!

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