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  • Please forgive me for asking such a simple question, I’m quite new to this and I’ve spent a long time trying to find out how to do it with no avail!

    In other themes I have used I have very easily created portfolios and added them to my pages using the ‘portfolio’ button in the admin area of the website. There doesn’t seem to be that option and I can’t find how to build up a portfolio to add to my page. I have added the portfolio template to the page, but without anything to link to this obviously isn’t working.

    So basically I need help finding where I can create a portfolio.

    It is very frustrating because it is probably very simple and I am just missing something!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hello. The Pinboard theme works a little differently. The Portfolio page template works by pulling in any of your posts which have the category you specify in Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings. For example, use a category called “Portfolio”.

    There are some instructions here:

    Gavin, hi. Could you help me out with the Portfolio page? I’ve set the Portfolio for a category I created called Gallery Image. I created 3 posts with images on them and assigned each one of them the Gallery Image category.

    No Portfolio page is showing up on the Navigation bar. If I choose to include Portfolio in the loop, it displays the posts on the landing page like any normal page. If I exclude it from the loop, it still displays the posts on the landing page. I refreshed and tried different browsers. Same thing happens.

    This is a beautiful theme, I would love to get a handle on it, but can’t even get a Portfolio page set up. I’ve followed your instructions, and some instructions that were on the Pinboard home page support forum, too, but I just can’t get this to work. What am I doing wrong? The site is victorian diamonds dot com. I’ve just started on it tonight, so it’s really sparse and experimental at this stage.

    By the way, the tag line for the site doesn’t show up next to the site title, either, even though I entered it.

    TIA for any advice you can offer.

    Update: I finally created a Portfolio page (called Gallery), but all the images are too big on the page, even though I reduced the size. I’d like for them to be in rows of four.

    I even edited each post and set its Format to “Gallery,” hoping that might do the trick, but it didn’t work. It made the post images smaller, and that’s the only change.


    Third time is the charm. Appearance > Theme Options > Portfolio Page > Full Posts to Display Before Grid = 0

    I first created a category called Gallery Image, and set that as the Portfolio page. Then, to populate the page called Gallery, I inserted images into posts and categorized them as Gallery Image. Be sure your images are the same dimensions if you want them spaced evenly in rows and columns. (I haven’t experimented with videos yet on the Gallery page.)

    I hope this info helps someone else who has never created a Portfolio page before and is fairly new to WordPress in general.

    Hi Celeste, I am also new to this and trying to create a portfolio. Since it has never worked for me, I’m not even sure where it shows up on the page. I’d like it to show up in a grid on the homepage, not a separate menu item. Can you please point me to your site if yours is up and running, so that I have an idea of what this feature looks like? Many thanks.

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