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    I’d like to get some clarification regarding WordPress’ Podcast Codex page:

    1. In replicating these steps, would it be possible to use a Custom Post Type instead of using a regular Post?
    2. Does the link to the audio file have to go in the editor (the_content) area? Or, could it be placed in a custom field?

    Anybody have any experience with Podcasts and WordPress (without a plugin)?

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  • 1. CPT is fine
    2. Custom field is fine – so long as you output your link appropriately to be utilized

    I’ll definitely follow the instructions on the Podcast page for outputting the link.

    I use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Do these custom fields work the same as WP’s native Custom Fields? I want to make sure I don’t have to do something extra to get the MP3 link to work.

    Would it be necessary for me to use a function to place the custom field in my RSS Feed? E.g. look at Tip #3 on this page:

    Thanks for a super fast response!

    Outputting the link with regards to the custom field is the main thing.

    I have no experience with the plugin you mentioned, so I cannot be much help there.

    But, you plop your mp3 (or whatever) URL into a custom field … but now what? By default that doesn’t get displayed anywhere – so you would need to output the custom field somewhere to be useable by your reader.

    And then moving on to your RSS feed – a custom field wouldn’t be spit out in the feed – you need a way to get it out there. YOu could probably call the custom field meta data, and display it in your feed using a function.

    Basically – putting the URL into a custom field is only half the battle – you need to manipulate that data to be used.

    Incidentally, this would probably be why many people use a podcasting plugin – I use mine so I just put in a URL and be done. I get an audio player in my post, I get a podcast only RSS feed, I get auto pings to iTunes, etc. Admittedly, these plugin are often way more than many people need, but they do offer benefits!

    I’ll do some experimenting. Thanks so much for your help and advice, Rev. Voodoo!



    Using #3 from the TutsPlus tutorial (, was part of the solution. The other part was using Feedburner to format my feed for Podcasting. Everything’s working. Thanks for your help, Rev. Voodoo!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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