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  • I’ve got a great idea how the company I work for can improve brand awareness and reach a whole new segment of internet surfers.

    I want us to have a plugin. Or widget.

    Here’s what I’m not sure about yet.
    – A widget doesn’t work in WordPress, yes?
    A wordpress(specific?) plugin is needed.

    – If we make a widget. I figure it would be wise to submit it to Any other ideas on how to spread the widget? Or advice on making it?

    – Personally I love wordpress but of course we have to make sure the plugin can be used by all blogging platforms.
    Will a plugin made for wordpress work on Typepad or Blogger?

    Thank you very much for all and any feedback!

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    Member is not a site geared toward wordpress widgets, atleast best I can tell. I searched for WordPress and nothing was returned.

    Youre not understanding what a wordpress widget is, obviously. Take a look here,

    A WordPress plugin and a WordPress widget are not the same thing.

    Lastly, neither widgets or plugins made for WordPress will work for other blogging platforms “out of the box” — thats why theyre called WordPress plugins or WordPress widgets.

    Does that help?

    Good link!
    Yes I understand a bit more now.

    We need to develop a wordpress widget and a wordpress plugin.
    Submit the wp-widget to widgetbox to include them.
    Then create working verisons of the widget and plugins for other blogging platforms.
    I’ll head on to their forums for any support needed there.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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