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    I am trying to create a page with only certain products available. For instance I want to have a page which shows designs and then once you click a design it takes you to a page with products for those designs. I tried modifying the shop_design=”” to include the design ID’s but it only seems to work with one.


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  • Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    Hi Erik,

    the easiest way is to create a custom category and use the value shop_category or the settings menu to assign it. Please see “How do I get the category Id?” in FAQ – for example.

    If you’ve got further questions, you’re welcome 🙂


    Hi Thimo,

    I’m having a bit of trouble with this as well. I have my products sorted into categories in Spreadshirt and on my external website, I am trying to get only products within a certain category to show. I have tried putting my category ID into the shop_category field (using extended shortcode in my page rather than the normal [spreadplugin] shortcode) but it is not working. The output is still my entire product range.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    you should use
    [spreadplugin shop_category="1234567"] whereas 1234567 stands for your own created category. if you just want to display the default categories use [spreadplugin shop_productcategory="Women"]

    Hi Thimo,

    Thank you for your response. I tried that but unfortunately it is not working. The result is still my entire product range being displayed.

    I noticed that the following files that came with your plugin, are all inactive – could that be the problem? I am not sure why that are inactive or how to make them active but perhaps this is why I cannot use any of the extended shortcode options?

    – wp-spreadplugin/options.php
    – wp-spreadplugin/css/spreadplugin.css
    – wp-spreadplugin/js/spreadplugin.min.js
    – wp-spreadplugin/js/spreadplugin.js

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz



    show me your website/shortcode please and post your shop id + category id you’re using, so i can verify

    Hi Thimo,

    My shop ID is 529168
    The category ID is 163474

    … and the shortcode that I am using on a page to try to display just that category is: [spreadplugin shop_category=”163474″]

    What I am trying to do, is display my products by category (one category per page) rather than having all of them show on the same page.

    My website is if you need to take a look. I’m using the Test page on the menu to try to get it working.

    Plugin Author Thimo Grauerholz


    i can’t see your custom spreadshirt category in the pulldown of your spreadshirt site @ . Please be sure to enable your custom category, otherwise it’s not useable

    Hi Thimo,

    Thank you for taking a look.

    I’ve checked to make sure that my custom categories in Spreadshirt are activated and it is showing me that they are, but evidently – this is not the case. Looks like a problem for Spreadshirt to sort out 🙂

    Sorry for all of this hassle. As mentioned above, everything looked fine as far as I could see at my end and it was only by having a second person take a look (you) that the real problem was found. Thank goodness it wasn’t your plugin because I’m really looking forward to seeing all that it makes possible 🙂

    Thanks again!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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