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  • I want to create a page on my website ( that has a url that is completely unique to itself (i.e.: not but
    I already own the url I plan on using but can not figure out how to set it up.
    Any help would be amazing! Thanks!

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  • I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

    If you want people who visit to be redirected to a page you created on, you’d need to setup a redirection on either in the .htaccess or through your host.

    If you’re trying to have a menu link on your page that links to then you’d setup a menu link via Appearance–>Menus under the Links section. In this case the content would be hosted at

    If you need the content hosted on, you’d want to do the first option. You could also have the domain masked so that even though it forwards to the url still shows You’ll need to check with your host on how to do that.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thank you Natalie, and sorry that I wasn’t more clear originally, but the last one you described sounded most like what I’m trying to accomplish (i.e.: making a page on WordPress (like but having the URL show as

    Does anyone have any tips on how I would go about hiving my domain ‘masked’ like that?

    Thanks again!!

    It depends on your host for Here’s GoDaddy’s info for reference.

    I would think any host would have similar instructions if you search their help.

    I want to create a page on my website…

    You can do this within WordPress. The heavyweight way is to convert your WordPress installation to multisite (sometimes weirdly known as a “network”). You get a whole new website for the second domain, even though you still have just one WordPress installation.

    For just one page, a plugin could provide a lightweight solution, but I don’t know whether any published plugin does it.

    The only domain masking I’ve seen is purely cosmetic. Users can easily establish that the page they are looking at is really from a different domain.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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