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  • I’ve been working with a WP Framework theme, and have encountered a problem: although I’ve created a custom template file as normal, the intended page won’t show it in the dropdown. If I edit the content page, it won’t display the dropdown to change the template, and if I “quick edit” the page from the main page list, it will display Default Template with no other options.

    We do a lot of work on WordPress sites here, and this is the first theme that I’ve encountered that has this problem. Since it’s a very complicated theme, I may be missing a way of switching template files, but I’ve gone through all of the files, the readme, Googled literally all day today and I cannot make it accept a new template to use on the static homepage. Pretty frustrated at this point. 🙂

    This was the only link I could find about switching template files:

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • I’ve just been trying to figure this out too. Not finding much useful WP-framework discussion out there.

    In the end, I went with another semantic/blank canvas type theme, and redid everything – it was faster than trying to fix the WP Framework issues. Good luck with finding your answer. 🙂

    Yup, I’m bailing on WP-framework too, it’s too obtuse for me, with not enough help out there. good luck on your project too!

    WP Framework is littered with documentation within all the template files. That’s currently the best way to figure things out at this point. Online documentation is lacking due to WP Framework still being in a sort of experimental stage. It’s solid and works fine, but I’m still fleshing out some of the backend APIs, I’ll be creating online documentation once these APIs become finalized, which will be within the next few months.

    I’m not sure why creating a custom page template didn’t work for you. There’s nothing custom you have to do. There’s an existing custom page template (page-full-width.php) that works fine, I’ve also tried creating a new one by simple adding the Template Name: header.

    I should note that the primary target audience for this theme is geared for designers/developers and DIYers who like tinkering with template files. Again, once things are more finalized, there will definitely be more documentation to make things easier.

    All the best!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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