[resolved] Creating a new site, as a super admin : a complain ! (5 posts)

  1. mouzaia
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello and thanks for that fantastic product.
    I am warm so here are my bad feelings.

    I am working on a prototype (studying let say). I do want, as a super admin, create sites. Not letting the users to do it.

    So, why 4 emails of congratulations, 2 are normally coming from the function wp_new_user_notification, which is pluggable, and whose sources are easy to find, since it is documented in the Codex. The 2 others are coming from a louzy site-new.php, there :

    wp_mail( get_site_option('admin_email'), sprintf( __( '[%s] New Site Created' ), $current_site->site_name ), $content_mail, 'From: "Site Admin" <' . get_site_option( 'admin_email' ) . '>' );
    		wpmu_welcome_notification( $id, $user_id, $password, $title, array( 'public' => 1 ) );

    Is it normal ?
    Where is that function wpmu_welcome_notification ? the sources are not documented in the codex, why ?
    How can I plug it out ?

    More, i think none of the WPMU functions are sources' documented. Where are there ?
    But again thanks for WPMU, it is gorgeous !

  2. mouzaia
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I found this : http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/topic/13891, quite dirty, but it works :

    Create a php file in the mu-plugins folder. It need only contain:
    function wind_return_false() { return false; }
    add_filter( 'wpmu_signup_user_notification', 'wind_return_false', 11, 0 );
    add_filter( 'wpmu_welcome_user_notification', 'wind_return_false',11,0);
    add_filter( 'wpmu_welcome_notification', 'wind_return_false',11,0);
    add_filter( 'wpmu_signup_blog_notification', 'wind_return_false',11,0);
  3. I do want, as a super admin, create sites. Not letting the users to do it.

    So turn off the option to let them make sites. It's not hard. What's not working?

    Also for the docs: http://codex.wordpress.org/WPMU_Functions

  4. mouzaia
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Oh thanks for your answer Mika, in fact I found the answers to my questions, why 4 messages instead of 2, why not using the same functions, etc etc ... all this I think is just the difficulties of passing from wordpress mu to wordpress multisite non ? the same for my questions about the docs ...

    Merci encore pour ta réponse.


  5. Yeah, WPMU was a separate product so the marriage was complicated.

    Je vous en prie.

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