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  • I want to know if I can do this. Two scenarios:

    1. A broadcasted child metadata or taxonomies have been edited and I want to propagate those changes to the parent post.

    2. A post exists on a blog and I want to copy it to another blog where it doesn’t exist and then make it the child of that copied post.


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  • Plugin Author edward_plainview


    1. You have to choices here.

    A. A bunch of manual steps:

    1. Unlink child and parent from each other
    2. Link child to parent (use Find Unlinked Children post action)
    3. Edit child and broadcast to “parent”
    4. Unlink child and parent
    5. Link parent to child again

    Or use the Back To Parent add-on, which does the above steps automatically.

    2. Broadcast the post normally but without linking. Find the broadcasted post and then use the find unlinked children bulk post action to find the original post and make it the child.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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