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  • Hi ! All,
    I would like to create a new account for our hired Theme Editor who will be designing new theme for our site running on the old WP 2.7.1

    Since i couldn’t find anybody raising this question before, so i have few questions to be answered.

    I know the new account for new users can be easily created in the User panel under ‘Add new user’.

    But i am stuck which Role to assign to this user.

    We would like to give full access in modyfying the theme files from WP admin panel etc. but not to the Edit Posts ,Create Posts panel. So basically, this user has all the access if he’s got to touch anything related to the theme. He can create new themes , preview & apply it while testing etc.

    So what role do i assign to him?

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    Unless you’re using a role management plugin, you’ll need to set him up as an Admin if you want him to work on your theme. Bear in mind that whoever has the access rights to your theme has the power to bring the entire site down. So if you can’t trust him to stay away from Posts etc. then perhaps you need to be looking for another theme editor.


    Check with these article:

    Also check with this plugin:

    You can edit the role of user with this plugin.


    Shane G.

    Out of curiosity is there a reason you are still running 2.7.1?
    You might want to consider upgrading to 2.8.4 while your at it.

    Thanks for ur replies.
    I installed the plugin u’ve mentioned above.
    After going thru the plugin description, i see uninvited problems ahead.
    User Access Manager
    Manage the access to your posts and pages.
    Note: If you activate the plugin your upload dir will protect by a ‘.htaccess’ with a random password and all old media files insert in a previous post/page will not work anymore. You have to update your posts/pages. If you use already a ‘.htaccess’ file to protect your files the plugin will overwrite the ‘.htaccess’. You can disabel the file locking and set up an other password for the ‘.htaccess’ file at the UAM setting page.
    We’ll migrate to the latest build this time.
    After upgrading to the latest build we had to switch back coz a number of plugins and the footer broke with the new one. There were also problems relating to collation in the db and wp_post tables had few problems too.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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