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    Does anyone know why a site would lose track of it’s wp-uploads folder simply because a new folder was created(in httpdocs) via FTP?

    I created a new folder and put a PDF in it. Then the site ceased to function properly and WP didn’t seem to recognize it’s own directories unrelated to the folder I created.

    I’m guessing it’s a permissions issue, but I wonder if anyone has had this problem before and knows of the cause and/or fix.

    Note: I didn’t alter any of the WP files that were in place – I only created a new folder and uploaded a PDF to it.

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  • I do not have a direct answer to your question.
    what I CAN tell you is that this problem, IMHO, is not caused by wordpress, or it is not caused by the folder .
    In other words, Either your server configuration (of the host) has somehow created the problem, or the WordPress installation has been damaged somehow when you have uploaded that folder .
    I have made folders in root so many times that I can not even remember ,on maybe 20 different servers – and never did that caused any direct problems with wordpress functioning.
    I would suggest you to upload a fesh install of wordpress and try again.
    Also, try to see if you have a valid and not damaged .httacess file .

    Yes this is not a wordpress issue, I create folders all the time in my root, even wp-admin and wp-content and never have had an issue like this.

    Try putting the folder in your wp-content/uploads (Uploads) folder instead, then link to that, if that still gives you an issue its for sure a server issue.

    I created a new folder and put a PDF in it

    Remove file and folder and check if your site was injected with malware from this possibly malicious file. Creating a root folder and adding a (clean) file should not cause such an issue.

    Thank you for your replies, I’ll work on this and let you know what I find out.

    Well, the problem seems to have solved itself… We went in to update some files and it has miraculously remembered it’s original image paths. Some kind of fluke, I guess. I’ll just have to remember not to spontaneously add files/folders to this particular site in the future. This is an intricately customized WP site, so it probably did have something to do with .htaccess or other config files not resolving properly.

    Thanks again for your help, everyone.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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