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    I’m a self-taught web designer and have a problem that I hope the forum can help me with. I manage two websites for small non-profits on my website as subdomains. Their pages have been up for several years and were created in Rapidweaver since I use Apple products. I want to install WordPress Multisite and change both their sites and my own neglected one into Worpress static page websites with blogs secondary.

    The two subdomains are presently hosted in my public_html directory, of course. My provider, MacHighway says that there are others using WordPress networks on their servers, but I forgot to ask about wildcard use. Is it possible to do this without wildcards?

    I have installed Multisite. The Network Admin choice is available in My Sites, but now I need to know how to proceed with creating the subdomain sites without making the present sites unavailable while I’m building the new ones or, at least some information on how to build the new sites locally and then replace them. Thanks for any help.

  2. Yes you can do this without wildcards. All that means is you have to manually add the subdomains.

    I explained it here (for DreamHost, but the idea is the same no matter what, point the subdomain to the right place and you're good): http://elftest.net/multisite-subdomains-wildcards/

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