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    I have been testing a plugin designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of a multi-lingual site. In other words, each page, each widget can appear in various languages, according to the selection made by the site visitor.

    In the context of EME, the principal needs would be to show 3 letter month abbreviations in different languages (for example, APR and AVR); to have the field labels of forms appear in different languages (for example, “Last name” and “Nom de famille”); and to have the messages sent to customers adjusted as per their language choice.

    I am fully aware that I can created as many templates in EME as needed. But, there is no feature that allows a given template to be associated to a given language, so that the correct template could be chosen as per the customer’s language.

    So, my question is whether anyone has successfully implemented a multi-lingual site with EME? If so, what was the approach used? Was some particular plugin used, or some other method?

    Many thanks in advance / Vielen dank! / Merci infiniment !

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  • Plugin Author Franky


    EME supports qtranslate-xt, where you can use language tags in your templates and EME uses the language info of a person to choose the correct language then.



    Thanks for that heads-up.
    The vast majority of my visitors are not members and have no wordpress account. In that case, how does EME know which language version to display?

    Plugin Author Franky


    The choice of language they make when viewing the site is stored when they make an EME-related booking or become a member of an EME membership.

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