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  • drew3000


    This may belong in the advanced forum, but we shall see.

    I’m working on some tools for use in previous and hopefully upcoming WordPress installs that may need tools that beat censorware. One really neat tool I’ve seen in action is Distributed BoingBoing. It mirrors the whole site with a single file, dbb.php, that anyone can download and host without any configuration. I’ve made a mod of this that kind of plays nice with my install of WordPress 2.3.1, but needs more development.

    Maybe other people are either looking for, working on, or have already worked on something like this, but I thought I’d bring my little project to the hive mind and see what comes up.

    For your consideration:
    My blog post on this project
    Distributed BoingBoing
    Distributed BoingBoing in action
    My own Distributed drew3000 in semi-action
    A copy of Mark Christian’s bdd.php
    A copy of my own very slightly dysfunctional mod of it (just changed the urls, really)

    Any notes on this project or other existing WordPress-happy anti-censorware tools would really be appreciated.

    I like this one not only because it does effectively work around censorship, but it also brings other people into making it happen, but I’d like to hear about other methodologies as well.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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