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    I am in the process of creating a website which is intended as a wiki/database of court judgments, where individual judgments are saved as posts and catalogued using categories, tags and custom fields. Having some experience with, I am under the impression that this should be possible although I have now run into a few issues. In short, the following are ideas that I have not been able to put into practice:

    1. Display on top of every judgment (i.e. post) a table with selected metadata, e.g. the name of the court, judgment date, name of the parties etc. I do not really mind if categories, tags or custom fields are used as a source, but the relevant data should be easily displayed as necessary within a post/page.

    2. Automatic cross-references between judgments. I.e. if within judgment X a reference is made to judgment XX, then a link should be automatically set to allow the reader to reach judgment XX. Obviously, this is only to avoid having to set these links manually…

    3. Judgments should be searchable for legal principles/main ideas. I.e. if paragraph YY of judgment X contains an important pronouncement of the principle of (for example) the “right to be heard”, then this should be findable for someone who searches the database for the principle “right to be heard”. I do not believe that categories/tags are useful here, since they do not allow to locate the relevant paragraph YY in the judgment, but only help to identify a post/judgment as such.

    Anyhow, I would very much appreciate suggestions on how to best address the above obstacles.


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    Were you to ask me to build this, I’d create a “judgement” custom post type and use Advanced Custom Fields to add fields to to capture data specific to each. I’d also create one or more custom taxonomies for tagging and/or categorization. At least, that’s how I’d start.

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