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  • I have added a horizontal menu to my site but would like to add a drop down menu to it. One of the categories is recipes and as I have not been able to make this page a posting page I would like to add a new page for each recipe but have each page as a recipe title in the drop down. How can I link them in this way? I have published a second menu but its not showing on my site (only in admin)! Please help!

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  • I see you are using twentyeleven.. but you haven’t created a child theme for it yet.. good thing to do because if you change any style formatting or make changes to it — it will all be overwritten in the next WP upgrade.

    If you used the custom menu function of WP to make your top nav menu, you should be able to add any posts you made to the Recipes tab,
    just slide them over a notch under Recipes.

    Thank you so much! You are the first one to really help me with this! That worked and it was easy once I knew how! Thank you Thank you

    glad to help.. it’s the simple things that can drive ya crazy.


    sorry to get back again after everything seemed solved… but the all the comments that were posted on the first recipe seem to have disappeared…


    adding the link to the menu should not have anything to do with the comments on the post

    Looking at your site it seems the first link under recipes for the frittata is called recipe-2 instead of a proper post name.
    The second recipe is done correctly.

    Are you pulling these posts from somewhere else? or were the comments made on this site?

    First of all I posted a couple of blogs and then I created a recipe page, I thought the recipe page was going to act like a blog…. In the end I pasted my new recipe which I had already put on a new page on top of the text for the recipe page. When I tried to share the link with FB etc only the first recipe was shown in the headline. Then added the second recipe page which i published yesterday but couldnt find on my site when visiting as a guest onto the menu page in the way that you explained. It’s all text switched around from my site while Im trying to figure it out!

    Sounds like you need to do some clean up in the admin area.

    First : make a Category called Recipes

    Second : make your actual recipes POSTS not Pages, in the category Recipes

    In the menu editor make sure you can see all posts pages categories and tags (may need to use the screen options tab on the top to set this)

    Then add your Category Recipe to the menu
    Then add your posts – nudged over a bit , under the Recipes.

    It looks like your recipe-2 is what you posted to FB.. I think that is a page not a post, but could be wrong. I don’t know the theme 2011 very well.

    I have fallen at the first hurdle!

    How do I make my recipes posts not pages?

    This is what I started out trying to do but got conflicting advice and gave up. Im going away tomorrow so will have another bash the day after as long as the internet is okay at the hotel. Im really pleased with the improvements you’ve helped me make. I think you are quite right to say that my admin area needs a clean up! I keep changing and adding things almost blindly!

    If you could leave some advice on making my recipes posts and not pages that would be great…..

    That is simply choosing to make a NEW POST in the dashboard, not a NEW PAGE.
    There are many things you can do once you learn a bit about how WP works, and what you want your site to look like and be.
    Again, you are using the default WP theme twenty eleven, and you really need to set up a child theme.
    Just google or search WP for how to make a child theme, it is easy and you haven’t gotten so far that you can’t transfer the content easily.

    Hi dragonsjaw

    Sorry Im away and only just got to read this. I have tried creating the recipes as new posts before but when I did this they appeared on my home page with the blog entries and I wanted them separate. When I have chosen a new post I have never seen a option to post it on a particular page….

    ahhh that wasn’t clear. Need to think about this.
    But you won’t be able to ‘post’ to recipe page, no matter how this is set up with out another install of WP.
    But there are several ways to make posts (recipes) go to separate page (new page template) using wp-query posts. And you can alter the loop on the front (blog) page to exclude posts from the category Recipes.

    But first you need to make a child theme.


    Thanks for all your help. Ive been away and just got back. I have installed blog in blog but not sure yet how its going to work. Im obviously really new to all this. So if Im guessing correctly a plug in does something automatically….

    Im also going to try to install the child theme.

    I have lost all (44!) facebook likes from one of the recipe pages, the first one for penne. do you know why this is? Im sure its something to do with me trying to rearrange pages.

    Is there a way to get them back?

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