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  • robinberghuys


    What I’m trying to create is the following:
    A font page that displays the thumbnails (two) of custom post types (which link to those posts).
    The custom post type would be hierarchical, i.e. behave as pages. They would have some text and an image slider, each with different images.
    By the way, the effect I want to achieve is that there would be a front page with several pictures (thumbnails) in a grid, and each thumbnail would link to the corresponding page. (The reason why I’d like there to be two, is because I’d like to have a greyscale one and a color one; and then use css transitions to go from greyscale to color on :hover.) I hope this makes sense.
    The problem: I know how to make a custom post type and I know how to do all of this on a static html page, but that’s getting a bit hard to maintain, plus I’m always eager to learn more. Right now, I really don’t know how I would go about creating a custom post type that has a (configurable) image slider.
    I’m quite sure this is possible, but it seems like it would be pretty non-standard and I currently have no idea how to go about achieving this. Most tutorials I’m finding are about creating an image slider in which the slides are a custom post type. That’s not really what I’m looking for.
    If anyone has any tips or links or anything at all really, that’d be wonderful. Thanks!

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