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    I’m new to the WP community. I have a lot of experience with HTML and CSS but very little with PHP and WordPress. So far, I’ve been able to accomplish everything I’ve wanted through searching the site and using other resources. But I’m going to need help accomplishing this one.

    Here’s the scenario: I have a lot of data for a game’s catalog. The game is Animal Crossing, so here’s an example of the data for one item:

    Name: Exotic Wallpaper
    Price: 1,420
    Available: Nook’s Shop

    In itself, it’s really simple. It also has an image associated with it. But there are thousands of little entries like this, and I need to figure out a way to display them that doesn’t include hand-coding every line.

    I want to output an unordered list, with each entry (like above) inside a list item. I also want to display the image associated with each entry as the background of the li. (The image names are similar to the title, so maybe that could be used somehow? [Ex: Lovely Wall = lovely-wall.png]) Basically, I’m thinking if I could somehow set up a loop that fetches data from a table and uses that data to output the items above, as well as the background image, that would work. I just want something that will be easy to edit in the future.

    Here’s an example of what the final product will look like:

    I can’t link to the site itself since its currently in private beta.

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  • The Pods CMS Framework plugin will let you define a custom table with the items you need. It also gives you the tools for maintaining the table and displaying the rows.

    Thanks for the response, vtxyzzy, but I think I found the best solution: custom post types. I will be looking into these more over the coming weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to make something on my own. Thanks!

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