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  • Hi guys,

    I am creating a copy of a website and want to have a separate WP panel for it, so it can work as a test website.

    I import all the website through FTP and also the database through php MyAdmin but then it happens that the /wp-admin access my official website WP panel and doesn’t allow me to install a new WP.

    If I do the other way round, install wp in a empty DB and then try to import the official website DB into that, it appears an ERROR message in phpMyAdmin of conflicting tables.

    Thank u for ur help!

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  • Hi memeLab,

    When you:

    I import all the website through FTP and also the database through php MyAdmin

    Make sure you update the site url for the testing site:

    For instance, if you’re testing site is in a subfolder like, you’ll need to change the site URL to

    Hope this helps!

    Hi ChristiNI,

    Yes I did it. But can’t login. When I enter my user and pass it appears a blank page. Even cleaning up the database to make a clean WP install doesn’t work and I have already tried following a lot of things like this
    and this

    Thank u!

    Hello again memeLab,

    Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble installing your test website.

    Which method did you use to change the site URL and what did you enter for the site URL?

    Are you still following your first method or second method? I’d like to give you my thoughts/suggestions, but want to make sure we’re talking about the same method.


    Thanks a lot for ur help ChristiNi !!

    Well, first I followed the suggestions inside the links u handed to me. None of them worked.

    Then I tried to make changes suggested by the last user at
    I only didn’t change the table prefix, cause I think it doesn’t matter right?
    And also didn’t work. (I made an installation from zero)

    Now I cleaned the DB to try a WP fresh install and import the DB later then see what happens . The install crashes.

    I made too many alterations that I think I should begin everything again. Then what would u suggest me to follow?

    Thank you very much !!

    Hi memeLab,

    It definitely looks like you’re missing some files. I would definitely suggest a fresh install.

    1. Remove all files from the directory where you want to install your second WordPress site.
    2. Install a fresh copy of WordPress into that subdirectory.
    3. Export your original WordPress database.
    4. Import your sql file from Step 3 into your new WordPress database.
    5. Copy your wp-content folder from your original site over to your subdirectory (overwriting the wp-content folder in the subdirectory).

    Keep in mind that this method will create 2 separate datbases and if going forward you may want to periodically update your test site with the content from your live site. That’s pretty easy to use with WordPress Import and Export tools inside your dashboard.

    Hope this helps!

    Unfortunately it didn’t work ChristiNi.
    The page simply is blank. Very weird.

    Well, what I need is to troubleshoot the search feature of the plugin below, which is not showing results. I don’t want to take the risk changing the original website.

    Do u think a simple export/import through WP panel can help me to test the plugin properly?

    Thank you!!

    Hello again memeLab,

    Let’s go over the steps and pinpoint where the problem is. Were you able to install a fresh copy of WordPress in your testing subdirectory?

    If so, you can also go back through and install your theme and any plugins you have on your live site in your testing site and then just use the Export and Import tools within your WordPress dashboard to bring over the content.

    Hope this helps!

    I have a similar problem, but I need to describe it point by point.

    I have a stage machine where I had installed a fresh WP 3.2.1.

    Here I add a new theme, setup basic stuff and add some plugin. The most important (and heavy!) of them is eShop. Anything is working fine.

    So I move the DB and the code dump to the production server.

    I follow this howto:

    How To Move A WordPress Site

    And the frontend is working exactly like I expect. My user is accepted while I login myself BUT I can’t access to the Dashboard, I have this error message:

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    With some tactical grep 🙂 I follow the php code until I find differences from stage (working) site and production (not working site). I found the trouble into the file:


    into the function get_admin_page_parent() I have the global array $submenu void.

    Why? It’s not easy to find the right place where $submenu is filled!

    Thanks to all.



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    Hi ChristiNi.

    Well, I did it with a clean install of WP, linked to my new empty DB (didn’t import the DB from the original website) and copied the wp-content folder from the original site via FTP.
    Then, I imported the xml file through WP importer, activated the plugins and is working fine. Except for some misadjustments in the layout and pics.

    Still, there’s a weird thing: when I am in the panel and make some alteration like activating a plugin or deleting a post, it appears a blank page to me. However when I return to the previous, the action has been executed (e.g. the plugin was activated)

    Well, now I need to troubleshoot the plugin.

    Thank you very much for ur help ChristiNi

    Have a wonderful week!!

    Hello again memeLab,

    It’s possible there’s an issue with the plugins and the database. I would recommend removing the plugins and reinstalling them.

    You’re welcome!

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