• Hi, I am new to WordPress and have little experience. I have managed to install some plugins and move them around and things like that. My question is this.
    ‘I want to create an online shop using wordpress. I have downloaded and installed the wp e commerce plugin and configured it. I am familiar with adding products and categories etc. I would like to know in order to create a home page that would display some of the products or catgeories in your site should I:

    (a) create the design of the (homepage body or content) using hard code html and insert it into the editor in wordpress and display and link the different items/categories to their relevant pages.
    (b) is there a plugin or some sort of existing way in the wp e commerce plugin that displays these items in the body of your home page for you? I attach a link for people so that they can understand where I am coming from.

    See here:

    Now this is not exactly what I want but not far off.

    So should I just look around for a theme that supports products on its front page or is there some way that the shopping plugin will export images of products to the home page.

    Hope this is not too complicated to understand.

    All Help Appreciated.

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