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  • I am trying to create a child theme for a site that has been set up with content using theme settings/options. I have NOT changed/edited any files directly yet, just the options within the dashboard.

    I created the child theme with the child folder containing the style.css (and the screenshot) and thats it. I activated it and now the site looks like it lost all of the styling and the settings were reset to default. such as the background image.

    I know there is tons of info on child themes and creating theme and how easy it is, but the tutorial video i watched seemed to imply this is ALL i need to do. What am i doing wrong?

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    Perhaps your import link is using the wrong URL?
    Can you post here the contents of your Child Theme stylesheet?

    import link URL sounds like an important piece i dont have

    Theme Name: Pinboard Child
    Description: Child theme for Pinboard theme
    Author: Justin Bourne
    Template: pinboard

    @import url("../pinboard/style.css");

    .. might not be exact dependent on the pinboard theme to where the original style.css is or if it’s renamed to something else and what not, or if there are multiple to load, but you put that right after the */ of the header information

    the ../ means go up one directory then down into the pinboard theme directory (or whatever it’s named) and then import that style.css there

    ok i found the import url, dont know how i managed to miss that. It now looks like this:

    Theme Name: Pinboard Child
    Description: Child theme for Pinboar theme
    Author: Justin Bourne
    Template: pinboard

    @import url(“../pinboard/style.css”);

    I am still having issues though, my menu has lost some of its settings and my header image is gone. Both of these settings are ones that i changed within the theme settings, (custom menu & header option to load an image).
    Are these the type of changes i should expect to re-do? Or should they come in normally if the child theme is done right?

    Also may be worth mentioning I am on a local WAMP server (so site address is http://localhost)

    still having the same problem, i found this other post where someone mentions the same theme having issues creating a child-theme.
    Their solution was to make a complete copy of the Pinboard theme folder, rename it, and then edit the style.css file in it.

    my question is why would that solve the problem

    here is the link-

    Theme options are not carried over — just like switching to any other theme — they are theme specific, so you’ll need to redo them.

    yup that was the issue, simple misunderstanding of how child themes work.

    Also, since creating the child theme, i changed its name and tried to reload it but lost ALL the css, the name was changed in the style.css, and its child-theme directory name. The name change was reflected in the dashboard where it was listed but when i activated the renamed theme, it had no styling… the content was just listed out in HTML.
    I eventually just changed the theme names back and it worked fine again, any idea on what i should have done?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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