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  • Hi,

    Creating my first wordpress site. I discovered child themes after making some mods to my parent theme.

    I’ve read up on how to create the child theme from the modified parent theme, and should be good with that, but one question remains.

    My theme (Function, by WooThemes) contains a custom.css file where I’ve made all my CSS mods – I haven’t touched the style.css file.

    When I create my child theme, will I still need to create a new copy of style.css in it, and then just copy my custom.css file in there and keep modifying that?


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  • Michael


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    a child theme always needs a style.css – see

    however, the full CSS of the parent theme’s should not be copied into the style.css of the child theme;

    depending on the theme, use the @import rule …

    for support with details, please contact your theme’s developer;

    this forum only fully supports the themes from

    Thanks alchmyth,

    OK, I’m a little further along now. I have ignored the custom.css and created a new style.css file, that part is all working fine.

    Now I’m having trouble with the custom page templates.

    I have placed them in the child theme directory. They all worked fine before I started creating this child theme.

    Now when I open a page using one of these custom page templates, I get no content – just my <h1> then the footer.

    But the funny thing is, a couple of the custom page templates do work, but only when they have the same filename as a template in my parent folder. eg: I have template-contact.php in my parent folder and my child folder. This page template works OK from the child theme.

    But where the template in the child folder is unique (does not ‘overwrite’ a template in the parent folder) it doesn’t seem to work.

    Any thoughts?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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