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  • I got interested in the concept of child theme (read this and this) and thought I could use child theme to make automatic updating of the theme easy.

    The idea is to install Atahualpa3 within WordPress (i.e. installed to /themes/atahualpa) so that automatic update can work. Then create a child theme (e.g. /themes/atahualpachild) so that I can throw my header image files, favicon, etc to the child theme directory. This way when the main theme is update, my header images are not removed and continue to work with the updated theme.

    I got the child theme to work but it is still trying to pull the images (header and favicon) from /themes/atahualpa instead of /themes/atahualpachild although I have activated the child theme.

    Anyone managed to get this to work or can point me to the right direction to get it working? Thanks.

    Note: I also posted this on Atahualpa forum here ->

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  • Anyone with any idea?

    I am trying to attempt this as well, so far with little luck… anyone else have any thoughts and ideas?

    Ok I have been around the world looking for a ‘safe’ answer to upgrade from Atahualpha 3.2 to 3.6.4 having moved WP 3.0.4 and wishing to move to 3.1.

    What I have found so far:-

    If you look at ato-> configure JS & CSS you will see an option to have the CSS external

    You can also add any CSS you use at ato->add HTML/CSS Inserts->CSS Inserts

    making them theme options and they will remain in place during theme upgrades.

    No need to change the code or use a child theme.

    So now to get the code is another question in the asking! No clue… You have to sign up to become a ‘gold member’ on the forum $20 to get to the answers. Hope this helps – I’m still trying to get there?

    So now to get the code is another question in the asking! No clue… You have to sign up to become a ‘gold member’ on the forum $20 to get to the answers. Hope this helps – I’m still trying to get there?

    i think you are mistaken. the “code” refers to any custom html or css that you wish to insert into the theme. for example, google analytics tracking code in the html header if you choose not to use a plugin.

    according to juggledad (at the site forum), it is a wordpress requirement for any ‘theme’ options to be in the theme folder

    Yup Desean,

    I read what Juggledad said, and he is emphatic that a child theme is not required, in more than one reply to questions in this regard.

    The correct code needs to be implemented and that is where I am at a loss.

    My site needs to be moved from Atahualpha 3.2 to 3.6.4, which I am hoping will clear up some of the queries I have in W3C. Doing housekeeping Oh such fun, first and foremost WP suggest update to WP and Theme.

    Jugglehead refers to code in CSS Inserts.

    Hi Guys,

    Download the new theme to your computer, update images you want to use prepare everything before loading theme with new versioin number.

    By manually installing the new version, you can actually have multiple versions of the theme in the theme picker. This allows you to ‘try out’ the new version and switch back to the old version if you have an issue. So here is a suggest list of steps to take to install a new version of the theme.

    A) Do a backup.
    Before any major upgrade (wordpress/theme/plugin) you should always do a database backup so you can recover back to the point in time before making the change. I also recommend backing up wp-config.php and the wp-content folder (contains your themes, plugins and uploads) on a periodic basis. These can be used it the event of a major disaster to help recover your site

    B) Download the latest version of the theme to your computer
    go to to get the latest version of the theme

    C) unzip the file
    When you unzip the theme you will see t is a folder with nubers at the end. these are the version number and allow you to have multiple copies of the theme in the WordPress themes folder

    D) Copy in your images, deleting the supplied images
    at this point, you can copy in your favicon, delete the theme supplied header images and add your own images into the header.

    E) Check for any patches
    Go to the ‘New Versions, & Updating’ forum ( and review and BUGFIX’s for the release and apply them.

    F) Update any code changes you made in the previous version (code customization)
    If you made any actual changes to the code (not recommended) you should review the changes and apply them to the new version

    G) Add in any custom templates you use
    If you are using any custom templates, put them in the new theme folder.

    H) Upload the theme folder to your host
    FTP the new version’s folder to the ‘wp-content/themes’ themes folder on your host. Put each version in a new folder like atahualpa353, atahualpa364 etc. (See for an explaination of FTP)

    I) Activate the theme
    Go to the WordPress Dashboard, Appearances, Themes and activate the new version. With the theme versions in different folders, you can switch between versions in case you missed something.

    J) Verify URL Names in the options
    You my need to change the path name to get an image if you have been using the full path name.

    That should be it. You have manually upgraded the theme.

    Fixes from Forum – do these before loading upto your host.

    Following fixes for 364
    1. If you have a Category with a multi line description, setting the option ‘Title tags in Category Menu Bar’ to ‘No’ will not prevent the title from displaying.

    To fix this edit ‘bfa_hor_cats.php and change line 29 (version 3.6.1 and 3.6.4)
    $list_cat_string = preg_replace(“/title=\”(.*?)\”/si”,””,$list_cat_string);

    2. Note: 2/27/11 – the css.php has been updated to contain the changes in BUGFIX 364-02
    UPDATE: This should now fix it for both the Atahualpa and WP menus. Please use these files:

    This only effects the menu’s when using the Atahualpa Automatic menus. It will not change things if you are using a WordPress menu

    When using %page-center or %cat-center the option ‘Border around all menu items’ and ‘Background color’ are being ignored. This was caused by a hard coded assignment in the CSS. In addition, there is a difference in how the HTML elements are being built when using the Atahualpa menus verses the WordPress menus.

    This fix will cause the use of those two options when using %page-center or %cat-center in all cases.

    Unzip the following file and upload it to your host replacing the original file. The changes for BUGFIX 364-02 also applied.

    3. If the option ‘Overlay Blog TITLE over Header Image(s)?’ is set to YES, the Tag line will also overlay the header image even if the option ‘Overlay Blog TAGLINE over Header Image(s)?’ is set to ‘No’

    This is caused by a missing set of brackets in an ‘IF’ statement. This error was introduced in 3.6.0.

    To fix it, edit bfa_header_config.php and change lines 344-345 to

    if ( $bfa_ata[‘overlay_blog_tagline’] == “Yes” ) {
    echo ‘<p class=”tagline”>’; bloginfo(‘description’); echo ‘</p>’;

    or you can download and unzip the attached file and upload it to your host. Put it in the ‘atahualpa/functions’ folder replacing the original.

    4. If you set the ‘Custom read more’ to have a link to the full post, but you are also using the ‘Use Post / Page Option’ and have a blank post title, then no permalink will show if you are displaying excerpts.

    In addition, you will see the word ‘Permalink’ displayed in place of the blank title.

    This fix corrects the code by removing the word ‘permalink’ from the post title. It also adds the word ‘Permalink’ to the ‘custom read more’ if you are using ‘%title%’ in it’s configuration.

    edit functions.php and change line 285 (version 3.6.4) to
    if ( get_the_title() == ” ) {
    $custom_read_more = str_replace(‘%title%’, ‘Permalink’, $custom_read_more);
    } else {
    $custom_read_more = str_replace(‘%title%’, the_title(”,”,FALSE), $custom_read_more);

    edit bfa_post_parts.php and change lines 42-47 (version 3.6.4) to

    if ( (!is_single() AND !is_page()) OR $bfa_ata_display_body_title == ” ) {

    or you can download and unzip the attached files and upload them to your host.
    Put ‘functions.php’ in the ‘atahualpa’ folder replacing the original.
    Put ‘bfa_post_parts.php’ in the ‘atahualpa/functions’ folder replacing the original.

    5. prior to 3.6.1, you could access $post->post_modified in the ‘FOOTER: Homepage’, ‘FOOTER: Multi Post Pages’, ‘FOOTER: Single Post Pages’, or ‘FOOTER: “Page” Pages’ but due to the use of stream wrappers in 3.6.x – $post is no longer valid.

    To fix this edit bfa_post_parts.php (it’s in the ‘functions’ folder) and change
    in version 3.6.1 – line 176
    in version 3.6.4 – line 171
    HTML Code:
    global $bfa_ata;
    HTML Code:
    global $bfa_ata, $post;

    Visit the forum and double check I have not omitted anything in error. If you have any problems contact your host, I am sure they will be able to assist you and good luck.

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