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  • Hi,

    I would like to find a way in WordPress to automatically create/update a CNAME record on my domain for each user that has entered a particular field on their profile.

    I have a custom field on the user profile. When this field has a value I would like to create/update a CNAME record with that field’s value as the value of the CNAME record with the user ID being the subdomain name (e.g. CNAME (subdomain type)

    I have seen some wildcard references and Multisite, but what I am trying to do seems like it might need to be handled in conjunction with my cPanel API and some php perhaps. A plugin would be great but I didn’t see anything that did the CNAME management.

    I don’t mind using a service for this or changing registrars if I have to. Perhaps a bulk update on the registrar side would be a possibility but I would rather automate it.

    I have found the service below which I could point users to and I sure could do it manually but yikes. This site has a number of shared domains that might help someone else:

    The subdomain link on the left provides a number of options to create a number of free subdomain records (A, CNAME, etc).

    It is pretty cool for free but I really want to be domain specific to my site for simplicity, branding and just good service to users.

    Any ideas on how I could integrate this kind of thing with my users and my domain?

    Thanks much,


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