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    I have a playlist of videos I like but didn’t make
    I created the API key
    Ran the plugin and the files were generated fine
    However, every video is dead

    My playlist was created under a brand account and the api defaulted to the main account

    So can that cause the issue?

    Also, do playlists I didn’t create have the ability to be ripped?

    Right now I’m ripping a playlist I created but the api key chokes

    So the same problem should happen to other playlists I didn’t create

    Maybe content on a playlist has to belong to the playlist owner with a matched key?

    Anyway, that’s the issue I’m having so not sure what is wrong and since the plugin hasn’t been updated in a while maybe it’s just a dead plugin?

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    Hi @1webdesigners,

    I’ll check that point asap.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Author enguerranws


    @1webdesigners Can you give me the playlist ID you try to work with?

    This is the list we use


    I looked at the code of the new posts and it has a youtube-player class tag, we stopped using youtube class tags years ago, we just put a videos youtube url inside [embed]url[/embed] in wp now and it plays fine.

    Also the call string is huge that your program is generating


    <iframe class=”youtube-player” type=”text/html” width=”100%” height=”400″ src=”//” allowfullscreen frameborder=”0″>

    So if you just grep the videos normal url and wrap it inside [embed]

    Then the videos will work

    then if you could figure out how to drop the title of the video into header tags such as <title> and duplicate the title with a user data string like site name for <description> you would have a commercially viable product that aggregators would drool over.


    That’s the main issue all aggregation plugin’s have, they don’t do the simple SEO work of creating header tags and the video titles are natuarl for <header> and the rule for description is do not just duplicate header so adding a user data string to header fixes the no dupe tag issue of SEO, as far as keywords, SE’s don’t need them now but headers and descriptions are a big part of SEO still.

    Anyway, that’s he bug we have, first play list we created inside a brand account and the api key generated a long embed string that chokes, instead of a normal embed address.

    Plugin Author enguerranws


    I’ll check that.

    However, if you look for custom metas on your posts, you can put custom strings / templates for the videos posts title and content from the plugin, then, your theme or WordPress SEO will manage your meta tags. It won’t make sense to mange it from the plugin, it only handle the content you get from Youtube and how you store it in WordPress, not the way you display your content.

    The error page is going to nonsense about streaming

    We tried the pages with all types of situations, reboot machine 1 browser 1 window and still the video is dead

    When you look at how long the embed key is, that’s the problem IMO

    I’ve never seen keys that long

    Like I said if you can just put the url of the video inside simple EMBED tags, there’s no need to even use a key generator, I guess google still wants you to use an api key to grep lots of data, but the video post can just dump the url of the video inside embed and bingo it will work fine

    Oh, the youtube title is creating title tags at least, in both WP and our SEO plugin, only thing it doesn’t have is description and keywords which we like to use

    I’ll look at the meta tag section to see if putting something for description in it will help add to description title plus site name plus keyword, as it is the titles are not generating video title with site name to make them unique

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    Plugin Author enguerranws


    Yes, I just told you I will look into that issue.

    Plugin Author enguerranws


    The issue you had importing videos from playlist is fixed in 1.5. There was a confusion between playlist ID and video ID.

    Update to 1.5 and it will be ok.

    Thanks for reporting that issue.

    Best regards,


    Plugin Author enguerranws


    Let me know if that fix your issue and feel free to mark this topic as resolved if so.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Author enguerranws


    Issue resolved in 1.5

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