• I activated the plugin, went to its settings page, realized it wasn’t going to work for me, and then went to the Plugins page and deactivated.

    During those few minutes, the Plugin self-published 30 pages (as in PUBLIC PAGES) — 15 titled “Channels” and 15 titled “Broadcast Live” with the shortcode [videowhisper_channels] and [videowhisper_channel_manage], respectively.

    Yes, it’s easy enough, though a waste of my time, to delete those pages, but (1) what else did it do while it was in there? And (2) The damned thing wasted 30 of my allotted branded short links. Not happy.

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  • Plugin Author videowhisper


    This is not standard plugin behaviour (you don’t see such duplicate pages on our demos or on other sites using this plugin) and issue was not reported by other webmasters.

    If you encounter any technical issues you can contact our support staff anytime:

    As you clearly mentioned above, this wasn’t going to work for you so you probably don’t have compatible hosting, as mentioned in description.
    In conclusion this review was originated from frustration rather than successfully installing and using the plugin.

    I certainly understand the need to respond to a negative review (which response I note is three weeks later), but that’s quite the condescending reply, Video Whisper Plugin Author. Putting the fault back on the user or her web host doesn’t change the facts, however.

    — Since no one else reported it and you haven’t seen it previously, I infer that you’re saying it didn’t happen. I assure you it did. If that’s how you determine whether or not issues are valid, I’m glad I’m not in need of your support.

    — From your final comment, I infer that you’re saying I can’t successfully click a couple of buttons and choose a few options for a plugin or that I’m not competent in the use of WordPress and installing plugins. Again, I assure you that’s not the case. Bashing me and my hosting and placing blame elsewhere does nothing for ongoing development of your plugin, does it?

    Frustration notwithstanding, I only take the time to leave reviews when I am incredibly pleased or disappointed with a plugin. With yours, disappointment prevailed despite that it was only activated for a short period. Users should be made aware of any plugin which takes unexpected action, especially when those actions are without notification.

    As a competent WordPress user of 9 years, I stand by my review.

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