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  • Hi,
    I am relatively new to wordpress network. I am currently creating a site for a client. I extracted 500 clients resource website’s to implement into a bunch of sub-blogs. I tested wordpress network with the UI and the sub-sites worked. I assumed then it would be alright to create a template sub-site and copy it’s tables & contents and paste a new blank site for each client in the old database. I wrote a script that did exactly this and it “created” 500 sub-sites.

    The import was a success and the site’s are listed in my network admin dashboard, however when I click “view dashboard” for each sub-site CREATED WITH THE SCRIPT it brings me to the parent blog’s dashboard.

    I have also tried accessing this manually with …/wordpress/sub-site-name/wp-admin, with no success.

    Is there a place stored in the database for dashboard url’s?
    Each site is indexed and has valid URL’s in all of the table’s I am finding.

    Perhaps it’s another issue on it’s own, regardless I have faith someone can help me out.


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  • I can unforgettably share only limited amounts of my script’s (snippet length) due to some NDA policies.

    Is there a place stored in the database for dashboard url’s?

    Not tht I know of, but why not use Blog Copier and call those functions?

    It was required that I do this in bulk. I have to create 500+ blogs at once which my script achieves yet without sub-dashboards.

    From what I see there are no options for multiple copies. I will check it out. Thanks for the quick reply.

    You can force anything 😉

    do_action(functionname) is a pretty cool command, for example, so if you wanted to hook your own script into that…

    I’d also check out wp-cli.

    I’d also check out wp-cli.

    This is extremely useful. Thank you.

    Also ill see what I can do with do_action(); Thanks.

    Would there possibly be a plug in to create multiple sub-blogs at once already?

    Not yet, I don’t think.

    Still having issues on this topic.

    These site’s were created by literally copying the tables from a blank site. All values were adjusted including URL’s, to fit each site.
    I see site’s only when OI click “Sites” from the network admin dashboard.
    However when I try to click dashboard for a sub-site, it brings me to The installation of the network is inside, /wordpress/.

    On the flip side. If I create a site through the dashboard, all is well. Dashboards, links, and pages work fine.

    I believe I missed a value for each of these sites somehow.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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